Discover “Alphonse Mucha” exhibition at Musée d’Orsay

Discover “Alphonse Mucha” exhibition at Musée d’Orsay

Discover Alphonse Mucha, the artist famous for partly giving his name to the Art Nouveau and mostly unknown for his commitment to the national cause of his country of origin, the Czech Republic.
The exhibition revolves around this prolific artist and reveals the complexity of his work that was as artistic and political as it was spiritual.
After his arrival in Paris in 1887, he began his career as an artist as an illustrator and subsequently met the great tragedian Sarah Bernhardt who made him discover poster art. He went on to produce a number of advertising and decorative posters that gave him tremendous fame and befriended artists such as Gauguin and Rodin.


Also solicited by the jeweler Georges Fouquet for decoration and book illustration work, he made a complete turnaround in 1900 at the World Expo.
He designed a project that depicted the history and civilization of the Czech people and the Slav people.
A humanist and Freemason philosophy subsequently occupied center stage in his creations until the end of his career as he continued making gigantic paintings, for which he undertook a great amount of preparatory studies for virtuoso drawing skills.


This retrospective illustrates both the posters that brought him much acclaim and also his marvelous illustrations, paintings, photographs, jewelry, sculptures and pastel paintings that showcase the immense diversity of his art.


On view till January 27, 2019
Musée du Luxembourg
19, rue Vaugirard – 75006 Paris

Affiche de l’exposition Alphonse Mucha, Réunion des musées nationaux – Grand Palais 2018 © Mucha Trust 2018