Exhibition “A T-Rex in Paris” in Jardin des Plantes

Exhibition “A T-Rex in Paris” in Jardin des Plantes

Fear over the city… Have the wolves entered Paris? It’s worse: A T – Rex has landed!

For the first time in France, a real skeleton is being presented to the public. Trix, an impressive female, more than twelve metres tall, will take up her summer residence till September in the Jardin des Plantes, the botanical gardens. Her sharp teeth discourage you from wanting to pick a quarrel with her. One can now understand why triceratops, diplodocus and other pterodactyls kept a low profile in the secondary (Mesozoic) era.


Set designers developed a perverse offshoot of this idea, namely, exhibiting a hadrosaur, the favourite prey of the T – Rex, next to it. Imagine, even after death, the poor hadrosaur is chased by its worst enemy – what a life! In any case one can only bow down before the might of what used to be the Emperor of the dinosaurs.

Next to it, and in spite of the fancy sounding title of King of the animals, the lion looks like a harmless little domestic kitten!


On view until 2nd September
Jardin des Plantes
Grande galerie de l’évolution
36, rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire
75005 Paris


Affiche “Un T-Rex à Paris” © M.N.H.N
Fouilles d’Angeac découverte d’un fémur © M.N.H.N / L.Cazes