Exhibition “Rodin and the dance” at Rodin Museum

Exhibition “Rodin and the dance” at Rodin Museum

A priori it is hard to see Rodin joyfully breaking into the bourré, a perky folk dance from Auvergne. However, the grumpy sculptor loved dance, all kinds of dance, experimental as well as classic, oriental and modern. He kept himself abreast of the groundbreaking trends as well as the happenings in the saucy night clubs of Paris and elsewhere.

He held the great stars, Isadora Duncan and Loïe Fuller in as much high esteem as the Japanese Hanako, the tiny Javanese dancers that he saw at the Universal Exposition of 1889 or those who accompanied the King of Cambodia during an official visit to France in 1906. He was awestruck by the grace of these dancers.


Well, Rodin was not cast in marble. The brilliance of their movements touched the dedicated artist that he was, forcing him to question himself. Through the series Mouvements de danse (Dance movements) and about fifty drawings, the Rodin museum sheds new light on this period of the master’s career. Ah, if only they had been contemporaries, La Fontaine would have made fun of the Rodin rock: “You sculpted till now? Well now its time to dance!”


Till 22nd July
Musée Rodin
22, rue de Varenne
75007 Paris


© Auguste Rodin Mouvement de danse B+ (variante) Terre cuite vers 1911 H. 34,6 cm ; L. 9,4 cm ; P. 8,9 cm