High points of the 5th edition of the Frederic Delair trophy

High points of the 5th edition of the Frederic Delair trophy

Get back to the event of the great finale of the fifth edition of the Delair trophy. This contest aiming to valorize the art of service reflects the many facets of the restaurant service professions; it is open to all students of French hospitality education institutions.

The tests have taken place inside the hospitality school CFA Médéric in Paris, under the watchful eye of the President of the Tour d’Argent group Andre Terrail, François-Xavier Demaison the godfather of this edition, and the other members of the jury who made us the pleasure to be there.

Discover the seven workshops that highlighted the savoir-faire of the candidates: “Arts on the table” in partnership with the goldsmith house Christofle; “Realisation of a cocktail”; “Realisation, presentation and argumentation of a cheese platter” in partnership with Metro France and with the participation of Laetitia Gaborit who won the title of French Best Craftsman Cheesemonger; “Service and argumentation of a wine”; “Coffee experience” in partnership with Cafés Richard and with the participation of the expert Michael McCauley; “Frédéric Delair duckling cut”; and “Crepe & fruit”.

The gestures of the young candidates were reflecting excellence, creativity, interpersonal skills, and expertise, transforming the dinner into a spectacle.


Jean-Baptiste Domange and Raphaël Michaut have won this year’s edition, after a process including a first selection by written application, the redaction of a thesis about a high event in French gastronomy, and practical workshops.


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