Paris Pâtisserie Show

Paris Pâtisserie Show

Why is France known as the country of cheeses whereas it boasts of even more pastry specialties? Short of inscribing this great achievement in the Constitution, it’s time to mark the occasion by institutionalizing it.

Enjoy it to meet our pastry chef of our bakery, Florian Oltra at Le Boulanger de la Tour, to discover all his trade secrets !

It is now possible, thanks to the Paris Patisserie Show, whose honorary President Pierre Hermé is our world ambassador for Macaroons – and other sweets. Be it the éclair or the St.Honoré cake, the mille-feuille, strawberry shortcake or the lemon meringue tart, we will find these classic desserts as well as many other retro desserts, reworked and unstructured…..

So much to go wild over, and while going from one stall to the other enjoy the conferences, competitions, surprises. Be forewarned: when you arrive at Porte de Versailles around mid June, make sure that your taste buds are not dead and you are ready to embark on a tasting spree. Over with diets!


15th, 16th and 17th June
Porte de Versailles, Hall 2.2