“Sur Paris” by Alain Cornu

“Sur Paris” by Alain Cornu

What remains of the City of Lights after the lights are out?

If Eugène Sue was still alive today, it’s clear that the author of Mystères de Paris (Mysteries of Paris) would call up Alain Cornu requesting him to illustrate her book with his photos. Cornu, camera in hand, had the slightly mad idea of walking over the roofs of the Capital city at nightfall. If there was light at some windows, there are no living souls in his pictures where angels dwell – and sometimes a gargoyle.


Commanding views, abandoned roads, each picture is a pretext to give wings to his imagination. One wonders how the artist did not end up in a plaster executing such a project: you need the agility of an alley cat to crawl into places that he got into !

The Sacré-Cœur keeps a watchful eye in the background of the picture; he probably had divine protection.


180 pages
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