Antoine Carbonne’s fresco

A masterly work by artist Antoine Carbonne now brings the restaurant’s dining room to life, replacing the former iconic map of Paris. This young Parisian talent likes to create a game of enigmas through his work. Known for his oeuvre that perfectly combines real forms and fantasized elements, he brilliantly produces a number of images in which the everyday life of society is at the heart of his reflections. André Terrail’s anecdotes combined with the countless archives and the emblematic history of the Tour d’Argent were the inspiration for this piece, which took a year to be created. Highly colorful, this oil paint on wood measuring 4 meters by 2 meters highlights a utopian capital transporting the viewer to the heart of a universe where space-time is not entirely defined.

From these inspirations based on reality, Antoine Carbone has created a work somewhere between authenticity and illusion. Using a monochrome of blues, the artist introduces the map into a dreamlike world, verging on the hallucinatory. Like a provocation, the image cleverly stands out from its surroundings and raises further questions about the various visual elements in the composition. A real artistic feat, discover this card at the back of the restaurant, proudly facing Notre Dame.

The world of
Tour d'Argent