"La Tour has long been committed to respecting the environment. Aware of the challenges of our time, our company takes concrete action to reduce its environmental impact."

    10 In tons, the weight of food waste recycled by the Moulinot company, which fertilizes them by turning them into compost.

    20 The number of craftsmen we work within the proximity of our region, Ile de France. La Tour favors as much as possible local products and networks : market gardeners,dairy, honey, flowers...

    4 The number of organic breads baked in our oven and served at the table of La Tour d'Argent.

Our present and future commitments, more environmentally responsible and more respectful of the environment.
Step by step, the Tower becomes greener...

Zero Kilometer Water Supply

Since 2021, we have introduced “zero kilometre” filtered water for our customers and employees, in order to eliminate plastic bottles from all our spaces.


We work to pass on and to promote our expertise in schools ; we created the Trophée National Frédéric Delair, which aims at promoting service professions and the French art of entertaining. We take on young students as part of training courses or discovery days around the culinary professions, and make sure that we are a real partner with gastronomy-related schools.

Local distribution network

Every day, we work to source more and more locally, thanks to the trusting relationships we have with the best craftsmen in the Ile de France region, and our constant quest for beauty and goodness, which contributes to the excellence of the products we want you to discover.

Daily action

We use more energy-efficient machines in all our kitchen areas and have introduced alternative practices for greener cleaning (biodegradable and eco-labelled) in all our establishments. We recycle all our wine corks and the pages of our wine list.

Our teams

We promote diversity within our teams, with the recruitment of junior and senior profiles, people in difficulty and people with disabilities. La Tour d’Argent is proud to welcome talent from all backgrounds. We believe that diversity is a strength that enriches La Tour d’Argent and those who work to promote it.

Our committee

Since 2021, a Social Responsibility Committee has been set up within the Tower, made up of six representatives from the various departments and companies in the Group. The aim is to contribute to the challenges of sustainable development, both environmental and social.

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