The Apartment x Tréca Paris

Located on the 5th floor of La Tour d’Argent, this brand-new exceptional space invites you to share the history of the Terrail family, characterized by hospitality, excellence, and conviviality. Inspired by André Terrail’s grandmother, Augusta Burdel, who lived on this floor, the Apartment pays tribute to both the Haussmannian style and Augusta’s flamboyant personality. It inherits her taste for travel and refinement

This intimate haven, conceived as a guest apartment, offers you a fully immersive experience. Accompanied by the finest French craftsmanship houses, it provides an enchanted interlude at the heart of the Tower, at the heart of Paris, exemplified by our exceptional bed from the Alsace workshops of Maison Tréca Paris, an embodiment of the art of sleeping in the French style. This tailor-made creation, designed by world-renowned designers, invites our guests to a custom comfort experience. Handcrafted with natural, rare, and precious materials, this luxurious bed is enhanced by the work of 27 master artisans whose unique expertise has been passed down since 1935.

Your dream of falling asleep at the heart of Paris is now a reality : l’Appartement – Tour d’Argent (reservit.com)

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