When Clovis meets Pamplemousse !

It’s now in the form of a lovely little companion that our famous duck, Clovis, brings life to all the new spaces of our Maison. You’ll often find him lounging on the couch in front of the fireplace at the Frédéric Lounge in the Bar des Maillets d’Argent or dozing off on the cozy bed at the Maison Treca in our guest apartment, or even admiring the breathtaking view from the restaurant. Clovis is now our new cuddly friend, loved by both us and our guests.

His birth is above all the story of an encounter with Laurent, Hélène, and Sophie, creators of sweetness at Maison Pamplemousse Peluches, who, through a craftsmanship that is both personalized and respectful of our planet, gave birth to our little Clovis.

For a little backstory, Pamplemousse Peluches is the somewhat crazy bet made by three siblings, Laurent, Hélène, and Sophie, determined to restore the nobility of plush toy manufacturing. It all started the day Hélène tried to find a plush toy similar to her giant Flemish rabbit, named Pamplemousse, a beloved childhood pet. Unfortunately, her search was in vain, as no plush toys were being made in France anymore. From this disappointment came the idea to create a family business dedicated to making plush toys, right in the heart of Picardie at the Puisieux farm. With the firm intention of bringing to life tender and timeless plush toys 100% made in France for the enjoyment of both kids and adults alike.

Thanks to their listening ear, their fabulous craftsmanship, and that of their seamstresses, Clovis was born, adorned with his tailcoat, the iconic attire of the Maître d’hôtel at the Tour d’Argent. Entirely designed in France and hand-sewn in a linen fabric sourced from France, our little duck, besides being the icon of our Maison, is now a friend for life.

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