Tour d’Argent x Lothantique

When two family houses meet, beautiful stories always emerge. Lothantique, the Maison to which we entrusted the olfactive atmosphere of our new emotional spaces – the Bar des Maillets d’Argent, the Apartment, and the Roof – is a perfect example.

A family house founded in 1920 by Denis Vogade’s grandmother – the current leader – we share common values such as a taste for quality, authenticity, heritage, family spirit, and the art of French living.

Through our extensive conversations and by immersing ourselves in the history of the Tower, the desire to establish this collaboration with Lothantique and create our tailor-made fragrances naturally arose.

With the guidance of Denis Vogade, Clémence Besse, a renowned nose and perfume creator, accompanied us in crafting unique fragrances, olfactory signatures for each place that express the essence of the Tour d’Argent spirit. “Creating a perfume is creating a work of art,” emphasizes Clémence.

At the Bar des Maillets d’Argent, – a tribute to Claude Terrail’s polo team -, in a wooded, cozy, and intimate atmosphere, an echo of English elegance, with hints of leather and undergrowth, wafts through. In the Apartment, – a tribute to Augusta Burdel, André Terrail’s grandmother who lived there -, the fragrance highlights the freshness of Scandinavian forests and the raw scent of oak. It is also the chosen fragrance for the care products intended for Friends of the Tower who stay at the heart of the Apartment and whose design pays homage to the characters who have made the history and reputation of the Tour d’Argent (Serious Soap like Anthony Terrail, Elegant Shampoo like André Terrail, Imperial Claudius Burdel’s After-Shampoo, Augusta’s Beautiful Hand Cream).

The fragrance of the Roof of the Tower evokes a wild riverside garden with notes of violet, vetiver, or blackcurrant.

These exclusive fragrances can be found in our candles and punctuate each place with their unique and enveloping scents.

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