Baccarat illuminates the tables of la Tour d’Argent !

Founded in 1764, Baccarat, the alchemist of joy and creator of enchanting universes, is the result of a collective of daring artisans who transform the four elements of nature – earth, air, fire, and water – into crystal of unparalleled purity. Thus, named after a small town in the east of France, Baccarat has become, like La Tour d’Argent, a symbol of the art of celebration and the French way of life.

Since 2016, the tables of our gastronomic restaurant have been adorned with our iconic crystal duck, passionately crafted by the artisans of the Baccarat manufacture and custom-designed to grace our tables. During our historic renovations, especially in the creation of our brand-new space on the 5th floor – the Apartment – Baccarat once again lends its expertise to La Tour d’Argent by illuminating the table with exceptional glassware. The Massena glassware collection casts brilliant reflections, inviting our guests to share genuine moments of joy and indulgence, almost transforming our exceptional waters and wines into divine elixirs.

“It is a pleasure for Baccarat to collaborate with La Tour d’Argent, an equally iconic establishment, around the joy of sharing in the Apartment. A privileged universe to celebrate the Art of Living in the French way and immerse oneself in a unique experience.” – Maggie Henriquez, CEO of Baccarat.

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