The art of table setting with Sylvie Coquet

To offer our guests a gastronomic experience worthy of our iconic recipes, we have paid attention to every detail, and table setting is an integral part of it! For this, we have collaborated with a renowned figure in the world of porcelain, Sylvie Coquet. The creator of Feeling’s Sylvie Coquet – her own porcelain manufacture in Limousin – she is the daughter and granddaughter of a prominent name in porcelain, perpetuating a unique and familial expertise for three generations.

By combining her eclectic universe that blends shapes with material, the ideas of our Chef Yannick Franques, the expertise of Stéphane Trapier, our Director of Restoration, along with the unique gastronomic heritage of the Tour d’Argent, these custom-made plates, handcrafted in Sylvie Coquet’s workshops, came to life.

Our iconic Foie Gras des Trois Empereurs is now presented to our guests in this spectacular deconstructed plate where a beautiful quote – hand-painted by Sylvie Coquet – cherished by Claude Terrail, poetically finds its place: ‘There is nothing more serious than pleasure. This exclusive creation offers a unique service sequence and provides our guests with an unforgettable gastronomic moment.

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