Dinner at Refettorio x Tour d’Argent Paris

On June 3rd, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Le Refettorio Paris, a solidarity restaurant nestled in the crypt of the Madeleine Church, in the heart of Paris.

For this special occasion, our Chef Yannick Franques and his sous-chef Yoann Phinera, along with Blandine Paris, Chef of Le Refettorio, and her sous-chef Marine Beulaigue, crafted a menu inspired by the great classics of the Tour d’Argent, prepared with surplus food and the generosity of the partners of Refettorio and the Tour. Volunteers and the Tour d’Argent teams provided an unforgettable culinary experience to more than 90 people in situations of exclusion and precarity, offering a brief enchanted interlude in their troubled daily lives.

In the dining room, guests were able to experience the unique ambiance of the Tour d’Argent for the duration of a dinner. They witnessed demonstrations by our Maîtres d’hôtel, including the live carving of our iconic Canard Delair, the spectacular flambéing of our Crêpes Mademoiselle, and enjoyed the impeccable and warm service provided by the volunteers of Refettorio and our teams.

Sharing, emotion, and generosity were on the menu for this extraordinary evening for all those present.

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