The Green Tower

Good to know ! Aware of the challenges of our time, our Maison is committed to an environmentally friendly approach through concrete actions to reduce its environmental impact.

  • Local water: We use filtered water to eliminate plastic bottles from all our spaces.
  • Knowledge transmission: We work on transmitting and valorizing our know-how within our teams and in schools. We created the Frédéric Delair National Trophy, whose final will take place on April 4, aiming to highlight service professions and the Art of French hospitality.
  • Short supply chain: We increasingly source locally through trusted relationships with the best artisans in Île-de-France.
  • Energy-efficient practices: We use more energy-efficient machines in all our spaces and have implemented alternative practices for greener cleaning (biodegradable and eco-labeled). We recycle all wine corks and pages from our famous wine list.

Our present and future commitments are increasingly eco-friendly, step by step, making the Tour a greener place !

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