New Chef’s terrines !

Dive into the art of indulgence with our three exclusive new recipes, crafted by Chef Yannick Franques to delight your palate. These artisanal terrines, free from additives and preservatives, draw their flavors from the historical recipe books of the Tour d’Argent.

Be captivated by our delicate Mazarine duck terrine with orange, paying homage to our famous duck à l’orange served in the restaurant. The subtle Marco Polo duck terrine with green pepper is inspired by our legendary Duck Marco Polo, featured in our gastronomic restaurant throughout the seasons. Lastly, our cheeky pig terrine with foie gras, enclosing a generous block of foie gras, is both indulgent and ideal for sharing.

Each of our fine grocery products is meticulously crafted, respecting artisanal expertise, the rhythm of the seasons, and, most importantly, your expectations. These exclusive recipes by our Chef, Yannick Franques, embody our culinary tradition in the service of French gastronomy and the discerning palates of gourmets.

Make your selection and savor them with a hearty slice of country bread from the Boulanger de la Tour.

Find them in our Grocery Store at 13 Quai de la Tournelle, 75005 Paris, or on our online shop.

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