The king’s brioche by the Boulanger de la Tour

To delight everyone, the Boulanger de la Tour envisions a generous crown of brioche. Crafted like a sourdough gâche, then divided into six balls filled with homemade hazelnut milk jam, this brioche offers a comforting alternative to the traditional frangipane. For added indulgence, a round disc of hazelnut milk jam adorned with roasted hazelnut halves and sugar grains completes this king’s crown. With generosity and a commitment to craftsmanship, the Boulanger de la Tour proposes to start the year in the most beautiful way, with a king’s dessert that reflects its essence.

The Boulanger de la Tour has hidden exclusive charms inside his King’s Brioche ! Illustrated by Vincent Boudgourd, the Maison’s illustrator, these charms are a nod to the sports event of the year 2024 : the Olympic Games. Available in limited edition, the early birds will be the first to enjoy them !

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