Yule logs by Le Boulanger de la Tour !

For the festive season, Le Boulanger de La Tour imagines two yule logs with perfect balance. Between aesthetics and delicacy, these creations are the “Tour d’Argent” supplement to sublimate festive tables.

The “Douceur chocolat” yule log :

On a soft chocolate biscuit, a crispy pecan with fleur de sel, a vanilla cream for sweetness as well as a gourmet pecan praline insert. Around it, an amazing “very chocolate” mousse completes the “all-chocolate” by Tour d’Argent.

The “Merveille de l’Ile” yule log :

For a refreshing star of the festive tables, the Boulanger de la Tour imagines a creation made from an almond and coconut Dacquois biscuit on which we find a crispy coconut-lime that is awakened by a pineapple compote for a touch of acidity. The finishing touch is provided by a coconut mousse to end the dinner with delicacy.

Two creations that invite you to enjoy the magic of Tour d’Argent at home for an exceptional moment.

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